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Interior decoration: Mid-Century Modern

In decoration there is nothing written. In interior design or interior design either; Each person is a world and if there is something that bothers us is to tell us how we have to decorate our house. From Agenzia Immobiliare Tenerife we ​​want, simply, to give a series of tips, ideas to design my house that, perhaps, you can take advantage of. Some time ago we talked about how to go to one of the most avant-garde interior design designs, the industrial style; Today we are going to bring you another that brings us back to modernism. To the fusion, once again, of the old in the modern world: The modern mid-century.

Ideas for designing my house: the Mid-Century Modern and modernism

Modernism was an international movement emerged at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. This extended to almost all the arts. It was framed in an era of industrial development, which made this trend to aim to innovate in aesthetics and in the formal; nevertheless, in no case was it sought to neglect the real usefulness of the objects.

Ideas para diseñar mi casa - Decoración e interiorismo: Mid-Century Modern (II)

The production process was joined to the artisanal, keeping the elegance of the elements without losing functionality. Incredible results were achieved by playing with glass, metal, wrought iron or different types of wood.

In the mid-twentieth century was his golden age, which also gave its name to the style: Mid-Century Modern. The finishes were simpler, but they did not lose an ounce of usability. Always complying with the characteristics of form and function. His greatest success was in the Scandinavian countries, which led to the emergence of new styles later.

For its time it was an innovative style that, as we will tell you later, is still valid today. Above all and above other things, in the furniture.

The interior design with the Mid-Century Modern

Interior decoration with the Mid-Century Modern style must have the following characteristics:

Ideas para diseñar mi casa - Decoración e interiorismo: Mid-Century Modern (III)

  • Simple and clean, almost subtle forms
  • Elimination of unnecessary details.
  • The structures are not hidden.
  • As in industrial decoration, the elements of production are included in the design.
  • Nature prevails, represented in natural elements such as wood.
  • Fluidity and horizontality between the different spaces of the house

The decoration, a personal matter

Although each style has its master lines, they are drawn with diffuse limits. By this we mean that our opinion about styles should always prevail, that they are not closed. For example, new materials such as molded plastic or aluminum, although we get out of the canons of the Mid-Century Modern and its pillars of interior design, we will not abandon the style.

First of all, we have to be aware that our house is going to be ours forever, and not because a certain style is fashionable we have to use it. On the contrary, our taste must always prevail; And if your taste is like ours, it’s sure that the Mid-Century Modern is going to love you. Nobody better than you knows what ideas to design my house should be the ones that prevail.

Modernism, as a movement, has been dying out over the decades. However, world knowledge is undoubtedly an eternal return. A continuous flow of styles and ideas that end up being imposed again. That is why, in recent years, the Mid-Modern Modern has once again stood out as a model of interior design and decoration. If we like it, if it attracts us and if we believe that it is the style that is best for our house, we will certainly get it right. Few styles will be added with such elegance the old along with the new to travel together towards the future.

Ideas para diseñar mi casa - Decoración e interiorismo: Mid-Century Modern (IV)

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