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What to see in Tenerife: Parque de Los Lavaderos

Parque de los Lavaderos, norte de Tenerife, El Sauzal, lugares

In Agenzia Immobiliare Tenerife we ​​are aware that not only the real estate business is important; also know the environment that surrounds most of the properties we have in our portfolio. Therefore, within our response to the places we see in Tenerife we ​​move from slope. From the south of some of the entrances previous to the green north of Tenerife. Specifically we go to the municipality of El Sauzal, to present the Parque de Los Lavaderos.

El Sauzal is a municipality in the north of Tenerife, located between the municipalities of Tacoronte and La Matanza de Acentejo. Its name comes from the large number of Salix Canariensis type willows that existed in the area. In addition to the Parque de los Lavaderos, it also has the Recreational Zones of Las Calderetas and Fuente Fría; The famous Casa del Vino is also located in this town, as well as the Museum of Honey and the Servant of God.

Parque de Los Lavaderos, among the best places to see in Tenerife

The name, as it could not be otherwise, comes from the old laundries of the municipality of El Sauzal. We understand laundry as the place where, before the incorporation of electricity into our lives, people went to wash clothes. Taking advantage of the orography of the land, the water galleries running towards the sea, created small waterfalls that were used for this work.

It is 1987 when the government team decides to convert the area into one of the places to visit in the north of Tenerife. Thus, some 8 km² are enabled as a recreational area, giving rise to the Los Lavaderos Park. Throughout the years, besides being a small Botanical Park, it has become a place with one of the best views of the north of Tenerife. Without a doubt, if we ask ourselves what to see in Tenerife, this must be one of the chosen places.

The Lavaderos are located near the main center of the municipality; very close to another place of interest, the church of San Pedro Apóstol.

Parque de Los Lavaderos

El Sauzal, green corner in the north of Tenerife

As we said, El Sauzal is a municipality in the north of Tenerife; and it is one of the places that have the most things to do in Tenerife. The aforementioned Parque de los Lavaderos is joined by the Casa del Vino; that in addition to a magnificent place of tasting of wines of the zone is a museum of the origin of the wine of the zone. Also it is in the municipality the House of the Honey and the Good of Cultural Interest Church of San Pedro Apóstol.

In short, in the municipality of El Sauzal we can see many of the jewels that the island has hidden from us. In addition to all the above, we can find forest trails in which to enjoy nature; also Recreational Parks in the mountain to enjoy a good meal. Of course, if you are looking to see in Tenerife, El Sauzal is one of the most beautiful places in the North of Tenerife.

It would be a sin to miss it!


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