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Ten-Bel: the foundation stone

Los Ecos de Ten-Bel, Tenerife y Bélgica unidos por el Turismo

They were the 60s of the last century, when a businessman from Belgium had a brilliant idea. On a small Atlantic island, Tenerife, Michael Albert Hyugen would begin to build what would be the largest resort thought for Belgian tourism in Europe: Ten-Bel. And for that he found a spectacular location; Costa del Silencio, in the coastal area of ​​Arona.

Raised its construction in various phases, in 1963 began to put the first foundations of the complete Ten-Bel, which for 30 years would mark the norm in terms of tourism activity referred; Carabela would be the first set of duplexes, from which, concentrically, Drago, Gemini, Maravilla, Bellavista, Pimavera and Alborada would be added.

The referent of the southern night

Precisely in the Alborada complex is where La Ballena was built; a nightclub that during almost two decades was the reference of the southern night. The best artists who passed through the island in the 70s and 80s made a proper stop at this nightclub in Costa del Silencio; for tourism, there was nothing that was not possible in Ten-Bel. Also as part of La Ballena you could find a pool of sea water, located right on the coast. While we bathed in its waters, we could see the waves breaking in the small dike built on the outside.

Ten-Bel, la unión de Tenerife y Bélgica

Tenerife and Belgium: united by tourism

As we said, the idea of ​​the Belgian entrepreneur was to build a place of rest for his compatriots. However, this place gained rapid popularity among tourists from all over Europe; the fact coincided, also, of the economic takeoff of Western Europe that supposed an unprecedented impulse for the tourism.

If La Ballena was a reference for the nights, any of its other complexes were a reference for the days; Without a doubt, the conception of tourism by Michael Albert Hyugen was a couple of decades ahead of his time. In each of the Ten-Bel complex developments (adapted for all budgets) we had entertainment and a bar with a show; this is what made Ten-Bel different from other proposals. It was almost like being at home, while enjoying a peaceful vacation.

The nineties: Ten-Bel echoes

The last decade of the 20th century would bring about a paradigm shift. The area of ​​Los Cristianos-Las Americas would begin to gain weight to the detriment of Costa del Silencio. At the time, Ten-Bel began to show symptoms of exhaustion; this is the law of life.

Despite this, Ten-Bel began a slow decline until he understood where his future lay; become a residential neighborhood. Thus, since then, slowly and gradually, it has increasingly become a place of fixed residence, where to rest after a long day of work, taking advantage of its quiet surroundings and its kind climate.

Costa del Silencio: ideal retreat

In recent years, as we said, Ten-Bel has become a place of residence for people who work in the various points of the south of the island, as well as paradise retreat not only for the inhabitants of Belgium, but also for those of northern Europe. It is very common to walk through its avenues and boulevards and meet groups of people leading a peaceful and quiet life; This gives the area an ideal atmosphere to live and relax.

Ten-Bel marked the beginning of an era, that of tourism in Tenerife, which still continues to mark the economic pace of the region. Over the years, he has had to give up this position; nevertheless, it has managed to change into something else. It has become an ideal place to reside, where to walk and where to live.

Imagen de Ten-Bel en Costa del Silencio

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